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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mark Penn... Roofies for Hillary(D)

Yes... Mrs. Bill Clinton(D)'s campaign manager, Mark Penn, runs the PR company for Aquadots, the company that exposed a date rape drug to millions of children. But... you haven't heard about that in spite of Bill Clinton(D)'s historical legacy of philandering and predatory behavior.

And you thought only CliNtoN was in the tank for Hillary?

Darker still... Mark Penn, who is Clinton's chief strategist and pollster, knew about and approved of monitoring, which a high profile lawsuit says violates federal wiretapping laws.

Yet Darker still... repeatedly indicted international Billionaire-criminal George Soros' Media smear group 'CREW' lists its three founding directors as Louis Mayberg, Mark Penn and Daniel Berger.

But the Darkest element of Mark Penn's close relationship with Hillary is his past relationship with the Clinton WhiteHouse as an international influence peddler. Clinton WhiteHouse insider Dick Morris details that in Clinton's Conflict of Interest:
“Running a presidential campaign is good for business.” -- Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist and the Worldwide CEO of international public relations/ lobbying firm Burson-Marsteller

...During Bill Clinton’s second term, while Penn was the president’s chief political strategist — with unfettered access to the President and First Lady, his polling firm, Penn & Schoen, contracted to lobby the Clinton administration on behalf of a bank operated by several Central American countries — for a half million dollar fee.
...Burson-Marsteller ultimately bought Penn & Schoen and Penn became its head honcho.
...The firm’s publicly known clients are a veritable Who’s Who of corporations in crisis, as well as companies and foreign governments looking for favors from Congress and the White House.
...Blackwater’s CEO, Eric Prince, hired Burson’s lobbying subsidiary, BKSH, to prep him for his Congressional testimony...
...Countrywide Financial, the beleaguered sub-prime mortgage lender that is desperately trying to save the company and clean up its image.
...Microsoft — trying to stop the Google/Doubleclick merger.
...Armenia, (trying to pass a Congressional resolution accusing Turkey of genocide)
...The Peoples Party of Pakistan (working to bring Bhalizar Bhutto back to power in Pakistan).
...When Rove became Bush’s chief strategist, he sold his consulting business. Penn refuses to even take a leave of absence. Although he claims to have no involvement in the firm’s day-to-day business, published internal e-mails suggest otherwise. And, Penn demonstrated his blatant lack of sensitivity to conflict of interest issues during the last Clinton administration.

In October 1998, while Penn was the White House chief political strategist, he registered his polling firm, Penn & Schoen, as an agent for the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, operated, and controlled by Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua with Mexico, Taiwan, Argentina, and Colombia as additional shareholders.

In plain English, a number of foreign governments, seeking to persuade the President of the United States to adopt legislation in their economic interest, paid the president’s trusted adviser to make their case in the White House.
...what is it that did Penn inside the White House — for half a million dollars — to advance the foreign bank’s agenda?
...Last year, Burson-Marsteller’s parent company, WPP, raked in more than $53 million in fees from its various U.S. lobbying affiliates.
...Burson-Marsteller is a major player in the world of corporate and political spinning, with offices all over the globe. A short list of clients are as followed: Phillip Morris, Occidental Petroleum, Bristol-Meyers, Entergy (nuclear power), Lockheed Martin, Texaco, AT&T, Allergen (makers of Botox), Greece, Taiwan, Cyprus, Virginia Tech, Doha16. Qatar (to try to get the 2016 Olympics there), Comcast, Sony Ericcson, Ikea, the National Fisheries Institute, Visa International and many, many others.

In the past, the company has also represented the Chinese National Offshore Oil Co (CNOOC) (Burson operates over one hundred offices — including four separate offices in China), the Russian Government Press Office, Haiti, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Ahmed Chalabi, the disgraced president of the Iraqi National Congress who pushed for the overthrow of Saddam. But most of the firm’s clients remain secret: Unless direct lobbying is involved, there is no disclosure requirement.

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