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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm with Kim du Toit

It's not like I trust the biased, agenda pushing Old-Stream Media at all these days, but sometimes you need to be reminded.

I’m starting to read more and more doom ‘n gloom stories about a looming recession in the U.S.—this in spite of other reports which showed Q3 growth was higher than forecast, and Christmas sales being up by 3.6% (brick ‘n mortar) and by 22% (online).

Before anyone starts talking about the economics, let me just pause for a moment and ask: if the public can be talked into believing that a recession is about to hit, or even has hit (despite the numbers), which party would benefit more from such a result, come the elections in Nov 2008?

Why of course: our old friends, the Democrats Socialists American Communist Party.

(Fixed that for ya there, Mr. DT)

Here's something to remember - when you hear all the howling and shrieking about how bad the economy is, before you take it to heart you need to look at who is doing the howling and shrieking. Are the Democrat American Communist Party members doing the yelling? Yes. Are the whores and propaganda organs otherwise known as the Main Stream Media yelling the same message? Yes.

Then it's bullshit, plain and simple.

How many consecutive quarters of growth have we had now? How many records has the Dow Jones set or broken? What's the NYSE sitting at now? This economy has been going like gangbusters, but at the first sign of a housing market correction all the usual suspect start screaming about how it's a recession or a failing economy or some other twaddle like that. It's bullshit. Partisan bullshit, designed to help and aid the worthless bastard commies of the Left. A pox on all of 'em. Gah. I can't even read about or listen to a Leftist shithead these days without my blood pressure spiking. They are either power-hungry liars, of they're so damn stupid and gullible that they need to be taken out of the gene pool.

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