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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hillary(D) lies about supporting the troops... again...

On top of lies about troop readiness, body-armor, funding... the most predictable of lies... "Healthcare". Here is HotAir:
Video: Did the National Guard have health insurance before Hillary?
She’s a shameless liar, of course.
FactCheck confirms Hillary(D) is
Exaggerating Help for Troops
Clinton falsely claims guardsmen and reservists didn't have health insurance before she went to work.
She has to lie because, in spite of the (D)emocrat majority in both Houses of Congress, Hillary(D) and Obama(D) have Zero, Nada, Zip legislation to their credit.

Isn't it amazing the (D)emocrats, who followed up a loon like Al Gore(D), with a bombastic dishonorably discharged traitor like John Kerry(D), are now offering up a trio of Senators whose qualifications are in turn, "Nice Hair even if he can't get reelected", "Almost Black" and "My Husband was President so I can be too"...

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