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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fred Phelps 'Hates Fags' but his son

was a delegate for Al Gore(D)
So... the MainStreamMedia misreports Fred Phelps protested a "Gay Marine"s funeral when in fact Fred Phelps and his nutters of the Westboro clan are unlawfully protesting tolerance of Gay lifestyles in general by intruding upon military funerals.

Sweetness & Light notes the odd details in those stories about the multi-million dollar judgement against the moonbats in civil court:

This AP story, like every report you will see about the Westboro “Baptist Church,” parrots the claims that they are Baptists and moreover fundamentalists (or evangelicals).

Indeed, a search of Google News reveals that they are called “fundamentalist” or “evangelical” in 884 of the articles posted in the last few days — which is to say practically all of the articles on the subject from the mainstream media...


But as anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with this miserable operation is well aware, the Westboro Baptist Church is not a Baptist church, evangelical or otherwise.

Odd how the MSMs keep leaving out that party affiliation.

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