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Monday, November 05, 2007

Anti-War propaganda bombing

The pundits claim that the Iraq War doesn't sell...

In the Valley of Elah

Cost est. $25 million

Domestic Gross : $6,704,576


Cost est. $27 million

Domestic Gross : $9,283,593

The Kingdom

Cost est. $70 million

Domestic Gross : $46,844,125

But what Iraq War movies have been released that aren't condescending anti-war/anti-American propaganda?

Here is a template for success for you...


Cost est. $65 million

Domestic Gross : $210,614,939

Here is a clue. Men. Men go to war movies... and they like war movies that have positive heroes that are heroic. Then they buy the DVD.

Chicks don't go to war movies. Chicks don't care if those movies, they don't go to, are historically accurate and they won't go even if General Patton has self-loathing reflective moments that displace his entire campaign kicking the krauts across Europe.

Ken Burns? He made a multi-part chick flick and shoved it up our ass on PBS.

Men go to war movies.

Make some.

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Update via Jonah Goldberg:

'Anti-' doesn't sell

...The Kingdom... ...Its anti-war credentials come from suggesting that the sworn lawmen (and women) investigating the slaughter of families playing softball are no better than the murderers.


We've all heard the stories, many true, some apocryphal, of soldiers returning home from Vietnam only to be disrespected and shunned by an ungrateful nation. How many were called war criminals or spat upon is as controversial as it is unknowable. But there's one thing we know our troops never experienced. We never filled the movie theaters during wartime with films calling them war criminals, rapists and, figuratively, spitting on them or on their mission.

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