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Monday, October 08, 2007

Two Things

about Israel's strike on Syria last month. From

f you want to see the recap of what’s been going on with Syria this year, click here. That’s the last 30 or so posts including a Syria tag. All of the military analysis is predicated on the fact that the Syrians would use conventional weapons, as well as possibly chemical and biological agents. In the meantime, Syria is working with North Korea (doubtless funded by Iran) to hopscotch over the little details of developing scientific knowledge yourself—which takes decades—to simply buy instant Israeli destruction. Thanks so much, effing Pakistan, and France, for helping spread nuclear technology beyond the original five nations. Now Russia is working with Iran to do the same, and Iran is working on an ICBM that can reach the U.S. Europe is already within reach.

And watch: From the left and from the Israel-haters, they will insist that Israel’s intelligence was cooked. This, in spite of North Korea’s reaction, and in spite of the fact that Syria has had nothing to say, and has not demanded a UN investigation, or a Security Council or General Assembly resolution condemning the raid.

That silence speaks volumes.

It was nukes.

Yep. Nukes. In a terrorist-sponsor nation, who itself is supported by THE number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran.

The world should be worried. Hell, the world should be shitting it's pants right now. The fact that America was clueless about the whole deal should be scaring the ever-living daylights out of the country. We would have had no idea what was coming until the mushroom clouds rose.

And America told Israel to hold off on the attack? Ugh.

You know, when Israel is willing to do the job that America is now too gutless, weak and cowardly to do, perhaps we could at least get out of their way? Unless this current government WANTS to see a nuclear war in the Middle East?

And yes, I meant that last paragraph, sad as it is. Congress is unwilling to do anything other than blame other people for their mistakes, take partisan pot-shots, piss and moan, and wet themselves at the mere thought of another military action, even if the end result of their inaction is a irradiated Israel and a flattened Arabian Peninsula.

While the Democrat American Communist Party is trying to achieve "Peace in our time", our enemies are still working on killing as many infidels as possible. If we allow the Left to dictate our foreign policy, we won't have to worry about New York or DC for very much longer. Because they'll be gone.

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