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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thieving Democrats

OK, so if by now you don't know about the smear letter against Rush Limbaugh signed by 41 worthless shitbags, well, search the archives.

Rush put the letter up for auction on Ebay, as well as a Haliburton briefcase and a letter of thanks signed by Rush. All money was going to charity, and Rush was going to match the winning bid out of his own pocket. Again, all of this was going to charity.

But now Dingy Harry Reid, one of the bloodsucking parasites who signed the letter in which the government tried to prevent a private citizen from exercising his right to free speech, is attempting to take credit for the money that was raised for charity!

What. A. Fucking. Scumbag.

I cannot believe that any person so low and despicable can be an elected representative in this country, and to be quite honest the fact that this festering canker sore on humanity's ass was actually elected from Nevada makes me realize that there will probably be a civil war in this country in my lifetime. Why? Because when a state is either so fucking stupid or so fucking corrupt that they elect an infected cunt-hair like Reid, well, there's really not much hope that they can work with other states that demand accountability from their representatives.

And yeah, I've pretty much written of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Southern California and Maryland. Sorry, but I see just what kinds of people they send to represent them, and I realize that they're a completely different country than America, they just haven't re-drawn the borders yet.

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