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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sometimes it sucks to be right.

Go check out the sheer amount of insanity and vitriol being directed at Michelle Malkin for daring to show how the Frost family is being used by the Democrat American Communist Party.


To which I say to the idiots on the Left side of the political sphere, YOU SICK BASTARDS! HOW CAN YOU USE A CHILD TO HIDE BEHIND LIKE THAT?!

The bill that Bush vetoed needed to be vetoed, and it damn well better stay dead. This country doesn't need tax rates to go up, although that's exactly what the Democrat American Communist Party wants. This country doesn't need to use tax dollars to pay for health care. Hey, here's a clue - if health care is too damn expensive in this country, why don't we take a look at WHY IT IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE, rather than throw more money at it? I know I've talked about this before - the solution is to reduce the cost of health care, NOT put health care under government control. Because lemmee tell ya, if you think health care is expensive now, just wait until the government gets their greedy claws on it. Why don't we start talking about Medicare and Medicaid, two programs that cannot provide health care as well as the free market can. Why? Because it's under governmental control, which means that some bean counter is telling people what surgery they can or cannot have rather than a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional. Let's talk about how Medicare cannot even pay doctors and medical clinics for the treatment rendered, thus causing many medical centers to refuse to take any more medicare patients. As one person told me, "I'd take more Medicare, but there's only so much money I can lose."

Let's talk about how lawsuits are constantly driving up the cost of health care. Just who do you think ends up paying for the $150,000 a year malpractice insurance? The patient does. And when juries are paying out $50 million in "pain and suffering" judgements, you get every half-brained, greedy shitheel suing a doctor trying to get rich. The problem for the doctors is that even when they win a lawsuit against them, they still have to pay for the lawyers to defend them. If a doctor gets sued 100 times in a decade, and only loses one case, the insurance companies still have to pay for a law firm ONE HUNDRED TIMES. That gets damned expensive. Malpractice insurance goes up. And medical fees go up with them, because no person in his right mind is going to take a pay cut for doing his job.

But do you really think the politicians are going to do anything about insane malpractice lawsuits? Hmmmmmm? Especially when trial lawyers donate MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLIONS to the Democrat American Communist Party?

Nope, I didn't think so either.

So the Left hides behind a child. A child who was given a speech written by the socialists and communists in Washington. A child who read that pre-written speech. So that when people pointed out just how absurd the whole issue is, the Left can then screech "YOU CHILD-ATTACKING BASTARD!"

Disgusting, revolting, slimy, parasitic pond scum, who want to force socialized medicine down our throats. It's about money, it's about power, and it's about control. It's about being held accountable for your own choices, something the Democrat American Communist Party wants to avoid as much as possible. It's about the encroaching nanny-state government, which is being pushed by unscrupulous politicians and people who want more government handouts for themselves.

In the end, it's really not about health care. That's just a shield to hide behind, much like the child that the Left is hiding behind now.

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