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Friday, October 12, 2007

OK, so....

Algore was given the Nobel Peace Prize? For a complete load of bullshit?

Sheesh. There's no reason to believe that the Nobel selection committee are anything other than a group of idiots, morons and lickspittles who's only goal is to try to fling poo at America. Seriously. If you want to win a Nobel Peace Prize, it seems to have to suck up to tyrannical dictators and insult America as much as possible. Think I'm kidding?

2002 - Jimmah "the Peanut" Carter, who's accomplishments in life include running the USA into an economic hellhole, kissing the ass of any communist he comes across, and recently stating that there was no genocide going on in Darfur.

Uh huh. And the selection committee admitted when they gave him the award it was to poke America in the eye and insult President Bush.

1994 - Yassir Arafat. A lifelong terrorist who did more to commit terrorism and kill jews than almost anyone else on earth. Bravo, Peace Prize Winner!

2001 - Kofi Annan and the UN. A corrupt shithole of dictators, theocrats, thugs, murderers, a collection of the world's worst people, led by a greedy parasite who's only interest was filling his pockets with other people's money. The UN did nothing when genocide was occurring in Bosnia. The UN did nothing in Rwanda. The UN is doing nothing in Darfur. Anywhere UN troops that do not include NATO members go, drug running, weapons smuggling and child prostitution soon follow. Only in the UN can China, Sudan and Cuba sit on the Human Rights Council. Only in the UN could Saddam-controlled Iraq be next in line to head the Disarmament committee. The UN is the biggest impediment to world peace that exists today, and they got a PEACE PRIZE?

2005 - Mohammad ElBaradei. The man responsible for keeping nations from getting nuclear weapons did nothing while North Korea worked on a nuke. ElBaradei did nothing to prevent Saddam from working on getting weapons of mass destruction. He laughingly stated that Iran was not working on a nuclear weapon. When ElBaradei stated that "x" country did not have "y" weapons program, it was a safe bet that "x" country did indeed have "y" weapons program, and quite possibly was ready to use it! But he gets a peace prize.

So let me be clear - if someone comes up to me and says "I'm a Nobel Peace Prize winner!", they immediately identify themselves as someone who, by virtue of their selection and the company they keep, I want nothing to do with. In fact, by winning a Nobel Peace Prize, they've identified themselves as someone who is an anti-American, dictator coddling piece of filth.

Maybe one day the Nobel Peace Prize will be worth something again. But for that to happen, they have to first give it to people who have actually done something to promote peace in the world.

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