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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kids and sex

Mrs. du Toit has a post up about the Maine school that wanted to hand out birth control - to eleven year olds.

People keep saying the dumbest things!

“Well, if an eleven year old girl is having sex, wouldn’t you rather that she be given birth control than get pregnant?”

NO! I want her to be introduced to a policeman.

“Isn’t it better that she get the services she needs to keep safe?”

NO! Birth control doesn’t keep you safe. Birth control pills DO NOT protect you from STDs (and neither do condoms). And quit it with the services word. She’s not getting services. Services are things like having a pedicure or a tune up on your car. We’re not talking about services. We’re talking about an eleven year old girl being told by adults that it is OK for her to be RAPED, as long as she uses birth control.

Let’s be clear here: Eleven year old girls having sex is not a choice issue. Eleven year old girls cannot consent to sex anymore than they can consent to join the military, rent an apartment, get a mortgage, or vote. They are not yet old enough to make those choices.

Bingo - if eleven year old kids are having sex, THERE IS A HUGE PROBLEM THAT NO BIRTH CONTROL CAN FIX! Does anyone think that eleven year old kids are ready for sex? Maybe some of them are physically, but mentally?

Just how screwed up are they going to get? And telling them "Oh, have some birth control, it's OK" is only going to enable them! Dear lord, what is wrong with those people?

When an eleven year old girl goes to the nurse at school and declares she has been having sex, THE LAW would require that the nurse call the police, unless (DUH!) the nurse wants to be an accomplice to the crime.

A CRIME has occurred and the fact that we’re talking about it as if it isn’t a crime, and couch it with words like services and keeping her safe is nuts! The services she needs are those of law enforcement and keeping her safe means putting the rapist in jail so the rape stops!

Eleven year old kids should not be having sex. Period. That's called "child abuse". Would anyone be fine and dandy with a forty year old man fucking an eleven year old girl? Then what makes it OK for a thirteen year old boy to do it?

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