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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


So by now you all should know about Barry Bonds hitting #756. My personal take on it?


Look, we all know Barry was on the juice. A lot of people were on the juice, so it's not like he's the only person who stuck a needle into his ass to get his batting average up. But he's juiced, just like Giambi, just like Conseco, just like Maguire, just like Palmero, just like all the other guys who suddenly bulked up in an offseason and came back looking like Ah-nold.

Hank Aaron wasn't on any steroids.

But let's not just blame Barry, OK? Let's point a few fingers at the people who KNEW this shit was going on and either did nothing about it or encouraged it. Let's talk about Fay Vincent. Let's talk about Bud Selig. You know what? Bud Selig has to be the slimiest little shit I've seen in a while. He's the living embodiment of a cold-fish-handshake. You know what I mean, don't you? The handshake where you feel like you didn't really shake a person's hand, it felt more like you grabbed hold of a dead trout and squeezed it. Yeah, in human form- that's Bug Selig. He's been the Commissioner of Baseball for how long now? And he didn't do a damn thing about the players taking steroids until Congress shamed him into it. And when Bonds hit 756, where was Bud? He should have been right down there on the field shaking Barry's hand. The player on steroids and the Commissioner to allowed it to happen.

Let's talk about the owners, and general managers, who whipped out the big bucks for anyone who could knock a ball out of the park, who-cares-about-the-horse-needle-sized-trackmarks-anyway, chicks-dig-the-long-ball, here's-10-mil-a-year. And now those owners, and the Commissioner, and hell half the fans who KNEW their players were juiced up but they didn't care because they wanted to WIN, baby, all want to shake their fingers at the players and ask in a shocked tone "HOW DARE YOU?!"


So here's me, hoping that Ken Griffy Jr. can somehow go on a couple year tear and beat down Barry's record. Hell, I'd even go for Pay-Rod, much as I can't stand him. I just hope that somehow, this record won't stand for as long as Ruth's or Aaron's stood.


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