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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A few peeves....

Mango season was a bust this year. Not because the trees didn't put out mangos. Oh no, at the beginning of the season those trees were loaded with fruit.

Until the Puerto Ricans began to "harvest" their mangos.

Now I'm being a bit unfair here. As I've said before, the farther away from San Juan you go, the better the island gets. Unfortunately I'm stuck smack dab in the middle of the San Juan metro area. So, in short, I'm surrounded by assholes.

Here's how a local from around here picks a mango. First he finds a tree with one or two ripe fruit, which is surrounded by un-ripe fruit. He then finds a nice big rock. And then he throws the rock at the fruit until the ripe fruit falls to the ground, at which time he picks it up and starts the process all over. Unfortunately for everyone else, the rock-throwing shitbrain also manages to knock down about 75% of the un-ripe fruit in his quest for the ripe mangos. Which means that by the time the tree should be loaded down with fruit ready to pick, there's nothing left, because the self-absorbed jackasses have emptied the tree while they got the one ripe fruit that was there.

By the way, mangos don't ripen well on the ground. Even if you manage to get to them before the bugs, birds and BIG FUCKING RATS do, they still don't have the sugar content to make them palatable. They haven't had the chance to GET that sugar content yet. So they're ruined.

All so that some asshole who only cares about himself can get a mango. Welcome to San Juan.

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