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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Piling on

Confederate Yankee has an even bigger breakdown on the "Scott Thomas" hit pieces on the military that were published in The New Republic. I had not read the first piece that "Scott Thomas" wrote - where he describes having to wade through "reeking fluids" because of a flat tire.

Now, I won't claim to be an "expert". After all, I was only awarded a Driver's Badge for my skill in a Humvee, and I only carry an MOS that puts me in motorpools, and I only spent three damn weeks in Egypt repairing Humvees and other vehicles side by side with mechanics. So I'm not an... "Expert". But I think I'm pretty damn close.

Tires from Humvees and Strykers have run-flat rings in them. For those who are scratching their heads and thinking "Uhhhh?" it simply means that there's a ring inside the tire that will hold it in shape even if the tire goes flat. You can go for miles. That's kinda necessary in combat, see..... they don't want their troops out there getting shot at trying to take a lug-nut off. So a flat tire means...

You maybe slow down and then drive to the nearest post, FOB, checkpoint, or any other military controlled area, and then you call for a wrecker or whoever has one of your spare tires. You do NOT stop in the middle of "reeking fluids" and go for a hike.

Now, for any braindead fucktard who actually thinks that "Scott Thomas" is a real soldier reporting real events, wake the hell up. I can see three options:

1) Scott Thomas is a real soldier in Baghdad, writing a bunch of bullshit. The least likeliest of the bunch, given the fact that Scott Thomas doesn't seem to know jack shit about the military.

2) Scott Thomas has some sort of military experience, but he's not a soldier in Baghdad, and he's writing bullshit. Quite possible. He does seem to have some of the lingo down, but he just doesn't know enough about the military to make me thing that he's actually involved in it right now. And he's writing bullshit.

3) The closest Scott Thomas has come to being in the military is playing with his G.I. Joes, and he's writing bullshit. In my opinion? **DING DING DING DING DING** WE HAVE A WINNAH! While I won't discount the possibility that Scott Thomas may be a Soldier, my gut instinct tells me that he's a maggot-faced pussy who hates the military, acts like a mall ninja, has those sooper seekrit skillz that only he can describe....

.... and he isn't fit to lick the dust of off a real man's boots.

And as for The New Republic, well, we have some choices there, don't we?

1) They actually think that Scott Thomas is a real Soldier, in which case they got suckered, and they've allowed themselves to get fooled by an anti-war narrative that could have been blown apart with a minimal amount of fact checking.

2)They don't have a clue what Scott Thomas really is, and they allowed themselves to get suckered by an anti-war narrative that could have been blown apart with a minimal amount of fact checking.

3) They don't give a shit who or what Scott Thomas actually is, and they're so anti-military that they don't care if "Scott's" narrative is a joke that can't stand up on it's own, they're not going to fact check it because it just goes along with their belief that the military is full of killbots who enjoy wearing the skulls of dead kids. And in my opinion, ***DING DING DING DING*** WE HAVE A WINNAH!

Scott Thomas' story has been ripped to shreds. The New Republic has no credibility left, and even if they were able to provide proof that Scott Thomas is a real soldier, there is no way they could provide proof of his stories. Scott Thomas, whether a Soldier or a civilian, is an out and out liar. But The New Republic doesn't care - they love these particular lies, because it confirms what they already think about the military.

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