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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just another example

Of how biased the Media is, via BlackFive.

Great imagery to match the fall of Saigon, right? But look closely at the silhouette of the chopper. It's a Soviet-era Mi-24 "Hind" gunship!!!!!!! It was no doubt stock clip art dropped in by some person in their art department who wouldn't know an M-16 from an F-16, but nice Freudian touch, TIME!!!!

Well, the way I see it, they're just paying homage to their ideological heroes, the communist Soviet Union.

Just as an aside, one of the tasks that you're supposed to do as a private is study and be able to identify both enemy and friendly vehicle silhouette. This is so that you don't shoot at the wrong helicopter. Perhaps if anyone at TIME magazine would have checked in with an Army private, they would have been able to not embarrass themselves.

Ah well.

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