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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I know, I know...

I didn't post yesterday. Sorry 'bout that.

However, I saw something today via Instapundit that I might expound on later if I have the time. A piece by Ron Coleman, that addresses the big lie of the 20th Century.

Indeed, as the official position of the left, including its handmaiden the mainstream press, becomes “we would not have agreed to fight in Iraq if Bush had not lied to us about weapons of mass destruction” — however absurd a lie that is; and this is combined with the turning away from events in Darfur, and elsewhere; and it is combined, too, with the essential silence of the “world community” in the face of genocide and mass murder, especially of the despised — the niggers of the world, whether black and Jew or even, if the politics of it is right, Arab — the horrible truth becomes ever more clear:

“We” simply do not care.

And he's right. Think about it - Saddam Hussein was one of the most brutal dictators of the 20th Century, and yet the Left howled when we took him out. Despite the Left's insistance that Afghanistan is the war we should be fighting, they were STILL protesting our troops getting sent over there. We toppled the Taliban, and a big chunk of the Left was against it.

In short, they're against America sending it's military anywhere, for any reason. I believe that it's because the Left hates the military, and so far I've seen nothing to prove me wrong. Has anyone advocated sending the military to Darfur? I've seen all those ads lately that show some pore, starvin' kid with the words "President Bush, stop the genocide in Darfur!"

But should the President drop the 82nd Airborne into Darfur with orders to kill anyone who attempts to rape or murder the refugees, you could guarantee that the Left would be up in arms about "imperialism", "hegimony", yada yada yada. All the same slurs and bullshit that they've been slinging for the past six years. To paraphrase Mark Styne - "everyone wants a Free Tibet, but but nobody actually wants America to go and free Tibet."

They just don't really care.

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