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Monday, July 09, 2007


Old Cindy Sheehan, who as you might remember used her dead son to launch her political career as a major league tool, now is throwing a temper tantrum at San Fran Nan.

Drumwaster seems kinda split on everything:

Your humble Host is split as to which idiot to cheer for - either Pelosi (which will drive the spike of obscurity into Sheehan’s pocketwatch-for-a-heart) or Sheehan (who will drag the Democrats over that precipice once and for all).
There's no split for me at all. First of all, anything that can get Bela Pelosi out of Washington D.C. is a good thing. Second of all, putting Sheehan in Congress with a (D) next to her name will drive home the point that the Democrat American Communist Party is crazy as a shithouse rat, corrupt beyond all belief, and unable to be trusted with any sharp objects much less the country.

And third - watching the Democrat American Communist Party ravage on national television the woman that they used like the cheap whore would just be the cherry on top of the trainwreck that is the Democrat American Communist Party's politics.

In short, watching the Democrat American Communist Party eat itself is a good thing. Besides, no matter who wins between the Botoxed Bitch and Shithead Sheehan, the Democrat American Communist Party will STILL be represented by an anti-American, Communist clusterfuck.

Does that seem harsh? Too bad. I call 'em as I see 'em. I can't wait for the hate mail to pour in.

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