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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ricky Williams is an idiot.

OK, so you have assloads of talent, and all you have to do to make MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLIONS of dollars is run while holding a ball and STOP SMOKING DOPE!

I guess that's just too hard for some people.

You know what? Give me a million dollars and I won't work for the rest of my life unless I wanted to. You know, the job you always wanted to have, but never took it because of some reason or another? Yeah. That's what I would be doing. Work part time as a pizza delivery man just to get out of the house. But it would only be because I wanted to do it. I would invest the SHIT out of that million dollars. I can live on $40,000 a year easy. With the right investments, I wouldn't even have to touch the principle, I would just collect the interest and be happy.

This pothead idiot could have made 3-4 million a YEAR if he could lay off the weed. He didn't do it. Steve has it right:

Imagine having a talent like the one Ricky Williams has and throwing it away so you can smoke grass. Every year, he could have earned enough money for several dozen people to retire on, but he's going to be flat-ass broke at 40, and he has no other skills to fall back on. He'll probably have to become a personal trainer. If he can scrounge up enough ambition to get up in the morning and make fat people do situps. Which is doubtful.

There are no safe drugs, people. Use anything to excess and you're going to pay a heavy price.

Anything except pork, I mean. That's a sacrament.

Ricky Williams is a moron. By the way, I was stationed at Ft. Riley when Ricky Williams had his Heisman Trophy year. He came up to Kansas State and got his clocked cleaned. We all laughed at him. Who knew that years later I would still be laughing at his dumb, stoned ass?

Off topic: Is winning the Heisman Trophy a "Kiss Of Death" for college football these days? Can anyone remember who the last five winners were without looking it up? Seems to me the people voting for the winner have lost sight of what the award is about, and now only think of "What QB or running back can we give this thing to?" Sheesh.

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