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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am Jack's aching sinuses

So, there's this little thing called the "Sahara Sands". Literally, it's the dust and dirt picked up from the Sahara desert, and blown across the ocean until the nasty, filthy, allergen packed cloud comes to rest over Puerto Rico. And the rest of the Caribbean, but I don't care about them.

I am in full-blown allergic overload. The air is brown. It's like LA on a really, really, REALLY smoggy day. My ears are plugged, my eyes are itchy, and running this moring was hell. It's as if nature said "Oh, you don't like Puerto Rico? Well, why don't I make it more enjoyable for you by dumping half of the Sahara desert into your upper respitory system despite the fact that you're thousands of miles away from Africa! Sound like fun? Wheeeeeee!"

I hate Puerto Rico.

More explinations to it here and here. The first link has a picture of a dust storm sweeping across the Atlantic ocean. Isn't it about time for that place to run out of dust and dirt?

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