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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Comment Moderation

Comments will be approved before they post until Sock Puppet's leftard shit slingers get bored, take the hint, or find a shiny object they can't stop staring at. Leftards - You are not welcome. You offer nothing unique to any debate you attempt to engage in. We've heard all the notes you can play. Examples: "bushitler", "how DARE you say", "you neocons", "the joooooooos", "Saddam had the whole world fooled (including my precious Donkey masters) but fuck dubya", "I don't care if we have actually found some WMD or the equipment to produce it", "I surely don't care that Saddam was intent on waiting out the sanctions against him while buying off corrupt UN bureaucrats in order to attain an unrestrained arsenal of WMD to use in his horrid designs", "So what if the UN actually admitted to tracking tons of 'dual purpose' material and equipment across Iraq's border into Syria before Operation Iraqi Freedom began", "I don't care if Saddam's Iraq was an open and blatant state sponsor of terror, "I don't care if my hero Richard Clarke once believed bin Laden would 'boogie to Baghdad', "I hate you", "you're stupid", "you suck", "grown men and women who voluntarily enter the military are a) children, b) monsters c) idiots d) in need of my help so I should pretend to be a soldier and make up and tell awful stories about how bad they treat innocent people", "don't ask me what happens if we leave Iraq", "I don't care what al Qaeda has planned for the people I pretend to be concerned about whenever I think it will bolster one of my bullshit arguments", "whatever you say it's the opposite", etc, etc, etc. You have your world view spoon fed to you by the likes of Michael Moore, Charlie Sheen, Dan Rather, Brad Pitt, Cheryl Crow, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Rosie O'Donnell. When they aren't telling you what to say or think, you wander the earth in a helpless stupor latching onto anyone who mouths your "if it feels good do it", "like peace man", "give-me give-me", "let me give yours away!", "I hate the rich", "only U.S. oil companies are evil", "where are the keys to my Luxury SUV", "I'll Sue!", "you have no right!", simplistic, self-centered, shallow, limited-capacity hate-filled fucking clueless view of the world you stumble through. So, in no uncertain terms, fuck off. Go back to your playpen. Ask one of Glen's multiple personalities who else you can throw your own crap at.

For the rest of you - expect brief delays when posting before your comments show up in the thread it was posted to.

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