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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ah, well, that explains it

Had a sudden influx of moonbats. Decided to check out if I was linked somewhere, because normally the moonbats don't even bother coming over to chat. Anyone want to guess who linked to me?

The Sock-Puppeteer himself! Glen(s) Greenwald! I also got linked to by memeorandum. Isn't that sweet? Glen(s) linked to me regarding my post about the "memo" from Iraq. To quote Glen(s):

Time and again, they are revealed to be people completely unmoored from reality or without the slightest regard for basic precepts of responsible commentary. Facts which are unpleasant to them are deemed to be "fake" for that reason alone, and the most serious accusations come spewing forth from their mouths without any regard to whether they are actually true.
In response, I only have one question. Hey Glen(s), tell me exactly what government agency uses a Hummel Figurine in their letterhead? You know, this one:

Because let me tell ya - I've seen DOD memos, DA memos, USARC memos, hell, even my unit letterhead has an actual seal on it. I have never seen any official memo from the government that uses a picture of a collectible knick-knack on the letterhead.

But according to Glen(s), I should just accept the memo unquestioning and agree that everything is going to hell. Sorry skippy, ain't gonna happen. That's your M.O., not mine.

Anyways, I figure the moonbats will get tired after a day or two, and then I'll go back to just posting when I can. If anyone wants to hang around and play "whack-a-moonbat" be my guest.

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