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Friday, April 27, 2007

We should post this at the borders

Over at Dhimmi Watch, a commenter named "sounder" wrote one of the better comments I've seen. The post was about muslim children to threw a temper tantrum over a class on farm life, because they didn't want to hear about pigs.

The comment, in it's entirety:

Dear Immigrant:

When you come to my country, from the sh*thole called home, and are welcomed here with a chance to improve your lives, then my country is the standard of measurement, not yours!

Don't bring your (unwanted) standards here.

Practice your religion as you wish as a peaceful, PRIVATE matter. Blend in or GO HOME.

If you don't like ham, toss it in the trash.

Furthermore, don't ever expect me to change "the system" for you. You change to my system or again, GO HOME. I'm not tailoring my life around you. You adjust to me and the majotity.

You want to bring your religious customs here and impose them on me, then that's a HATE crime on your part against me.

Remember my country is the standard now. Your country has the standard you ran
away from. You don't like mine, GO HOME.

I'm sick and tired of watching my customs, values, traditions, religion,religious symbols and the sense of comfort and well being that these things bring, those that we have toiled and died for, being usurped and washed away because some immigrant couldn't stand his own country any longer so came here to change mine.

If you are a guest in my home, live by my rules. If I'm a guest in your home, I'll live by yours. But damn it, I'm not selling my country to you.

If you want to take away or alter what I hold dear, then you are commiting HATE against me.

Lets put the PC Bullsh*t, where it belongs, in the trash, or we'll be submitting to someone elses way of life.

Let's put the self loathing, cultural sell out, spineless, PC crowd in their place for once, those who would condemn me and my countrymen for refusing to sell our souls to another culture or religion or for resisting becoming the sh*thole of a country these people came from.

It's time to stand up and demand our own rights for a change. If I'm called a bigot or islamophobe for doing so, then so be it. I'm not caving in without a good fight and I am not going to be the one to do all the accomodating!

Immigrant, you accomodate or GO HOME!


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