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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's 1984 all over again

The Democrat American Communist Party has learned Comrade Stalin's lessons well. Control the language, and you control the people.

Maybe that's why they're trying this bullshit:

A memo sent to Democratic staffers on the House Armed Services Committee instructed the aides not to use the specific phrases, the Military Times newspaper reported.

Click here to read the memo.

Erin Conaton, the committee's staff director, sent out the 15-page memo titled "Style Guide for Defense Authorization Report."

"When referencing military operations throughout the world, please be as specific as possible. Please avoid using colloquialisms such as, 'the war on terrorism, or the 'Long War' Please do not use the term 'global war on terrorism,' " according to the memo.

Yes, mustn't let the plebs know about the war that we're trying to lose!

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