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Friday, March 23, 2007

Time fer that Linky Love!

Browsing over at Instapundit, I read a few posts here and there that I think should be linked together, because they all are based on the same thing.

First is Don Surber: Gonzo-Gate hides Dem incompetence.

What? The yahoos are taking over the congressional offices of Democratic congressmen? They are eating their own? This should dominate the nightly news.

And not just because it is good political theater, but because it is a good depiction of what is going on in Congress. Democrats ran as the anti-war party in 2006. They were swept into office.

OK, Pelosi and Reid, end the war.

No, the Democrat American Communist Party ran as the anti-BUSH party. Part of that involved being against the War on Terror. But that's not why they won. They won because Republicans were sick of being represented by corrupt shitweasels who were more interested in personal power and lining their pockets than they were about actually representing the people who elected them. When faced with a choice between a corrupt shitheel on the Left, and a corrupt shitheel on the Right, many conservatives simply stayed home on election day. But look who got elected in their place. While Bela Pelosi gained the speaker's seat, many of the Democrats that were elected in 2006 ran on a rather conservative platform. We now have a new group of Blue Dog Democrats, after years of not seeing any of them around. In short, many Democrats ran on a platform of not following the Democrat American Communist Party platform!

The Democrat American Communist Party didn't win the election, so much as the Stupid Party lost it. The Democrat American Communist Party knows this, which is why they aren't even trying to put a direct stop to the war, and are instead attempting to weasel their way into defeat while blaming the President for their own actions.

The second piece is a report detailing the attack and vandalism of a US Army recruiting station in Wisconsin. You can also read about the not-so-fringe element of the Left via a Hot Air post, which has links to the various offenses perpetrated by the Left over the past few months.

Vandalism. Assault. Flag burning. Burning a soldier in effigy. Spitting on veterans. This is the heart and soul of the Democrat American Communist Party. They have spouted off about having their mandate, and taking down President Bush, and ending the war, until they actually believe it all. So when they see things not happening according to plan, they go berserk. They let their mask slip. This is the Left in America today! There is no hiding anymore, they are out in the open for everyone to see. All of their "We support the troops" statements are shown to be the lies we all knew them to be. Their supposed "patriotism" is shown to be a sham. They are proving every statement we have made about them over the past six years to be true.

In their election victory of 2006, they have become their own worst enemy. Because they now are no longer keeping up the facade of being good, patriotic Americans. They're not pretending any more. They are showing their true colors loud and proud.

Sometimes, when I see the loons, communists and idiots all screaming their rage out on nightly TV, I comfort myself with the fact that at least they're being honest about their intentions now. And don't think that we won't remember this come 2008. If we're afraid of having President Hillary, we can show videos and photos of the people who support her, the people who are out there now howling and shrieking at every opportunity.

I don't think the average American is going to like them any more than I do. Which is to say, not at all.

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