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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh, for pete's sake!

Can the Democrat American Communist Party get any more hysterical? Subpoenas? Hearings? This kind of circus is what happens when you have a political party more interested in damaging a sitting president than actually doing their job. The Democrat American Communist Party is whipping themselves into shrieking hysterics over a big fat nothing. But in their frothing-at-the-mouth antics, we can once again see that they don't give a shit about anything but power. Pure power. This is a power grab, plain and simple, and they're doing their all out best to fling entire truckloads of shit onto the President in the hopes that any of it will stick.

I wonder how many of those parasites on Capitol Hill threw a temper tantrum when Clinton fired ninety-three US attorneys when he took office. Wait, I don't wonder, because the record is clear to see. The current crop of whiney, poo-flinging brats couldn't bother to even raise even the slightest objection. You know why? Because the attorneys serve at the president's whim! He can hire them, fire them, and nobody can say jack squat about it. But the members of the Democrat American Communist Party currently going into seizures over the firing of eight attorneys don't give a damn about all that. I mean, in their minds, the law is meant to be broken, unless you can whip a conservative with it, and then the law is their best friend.

What a crock. What a steaming pile of horseshit. And what's worse is the Republicans who are going along with it. They all should be flushed down the toilet, because they're nothing but sacks of bullshit that somehow became animated and stuck in Congress.

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