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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hypocrisy on Display

By the Left. As usual.

Last night, hate-filled liberals on MSNBC attempted to smear Marine Corporal Matt
Sanchez and conservatives who honored him at CPAC for his support of the
military at Columbia University. They gleefully showed photos of Cpl. Sanchez at
the event--including ones I took--in mockery after his gay porn past was outed
by left-wing blogs. They cackled "Semper Fi."

You know what the Left can't stand? That this guy cleaned himself up, and became something other than just another hate-filled Leftoid minion.

This Marine was just another stupid kid fifteen years ago. And? So what? I was another stupid kid fifteen years ago. I'll bet that most of my readers did something they aren't too proud of when they got out of high school. But instead of guzzling Leftist kool-aid, Matt Sanchez turned his life around, joined the Marine Corps, and earned the rank of Corporal, something that 99.99% of Leftists couldn't even think of doing.

He's done more with his life than the majority of Leftists could dream of doing.

Now, I want everyone to think about last week, when the Left demanded the still-warm corpse of Ann Coulter on a silver platter because of her "I can't say faggot" remark. I know, you'll have to suppress the gag reflex, but just think about the howls of outrage that descended from the Ivory Towers. "YOU CAN'T SAY THAT WORD! HATE! HATE! CHIMPYMCHITLERBURTONSMIRKYCHIMPEROR!" The din was damn near deafening, as Leftoid after Leftoid shrieked like hysterical little girls who just found a spider in their pantie drawer.

So what is the first thing they do when they see CPL Sanchez? What is the first accusation out of their slimy, quivering lips?


What a bunch of mindless, soulless zombies. Brainwashed, hypocritical imbeciles regurgitating pre-written talking points at eardrum-blowing decibels in the hopes of distracting people from their own vile hatred and bile. Venom spewing gutterslime, desperately throwing muck in the hopes that anything will stick. You can almost see their spittle-covered computer moniters as they pound their fists into their keyboards and shriek and gibber over the internet. "HOW DARE YOU GIVE AN AWARD TO A FAGGOT!?" They are wailing and gnashing their teeth over this, their bloodshot eyes bulging out, and cheetos covered fingers jabbing hateful letters to the world. Feel the TOLERANCE! Feel the love of DIVERSITY!

They hate him because he's a Marine. They hate him because he exposed their hypocrisy and closed-mindedness at Columbia University. They hate him because he stands up for what he believes.

They hate him because he doesn't toe their oh-so-diverse party line. They hate him because he's a conservative. They hate him because when he was a kid, he did gay prOn and then said "You know what? This is bad, and I'm not going to do it anymore."

They hate him for his patriotism. They hate him for his love of his country. They hate him because that is all the Left can do: Hate. No thoughts, no ideas, no real plans, just pure, unadulterated hatred, mainlined into their veins like heroin from a needle.

And because they hate him, they will use any excuse to tear him down, even if it means digging fifteen years into the past and finding something completely irrelevant to who he is today. And in the process, they expose their hatred to the world.

I cannot begin to define just how sick these brainless Leftoid minions make me. There are no words in the English language to describe how pathetic and twisted the Left is. I hope they choke on their own poison and leave the world to better men and women than they can ever hope to be.

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