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Friday, March 23, 2007

Following up on Tim's post

About Mrs. Edwards -

My mother had cancer, back when I was in high school. I think I've mentioned this before. She survived, but she's constantly monitoring her health, trying to make sure that crap is gone and stays gone.

My aunt had cancer as well. She was another woman who lived a healthy lifestyle, ate right, exercised, and got cancer anyway. She, like my mom, is a survivor.

One of my friends and co-workers when I lived in Seattle had skin cancer. Three rounds of chemo-therapy and it still ate him from the inside out. He died in 2004.

Cancer is an equal opportunity destroyer. And it will destroy you if it gets a chance, and if it can it will destroy your family as well. There is nothing funny about it, and I would only wish it on my worst enemies. It is a painful death, one that saps your strength and makes you wish for someone to just put a gun to your head and end it all.

Anyone who is celebrating because Elizabeth Edwards has cancer needs to have their membership in the human race revoked. For g-d's sake, people, leave his wife out of your political firefight! Take aim at John Edwards for his stance on taxes, or his stance on the War on Terror, or for his support of the class war in America. Slam him for any number of his questionable politics. But leave his wife out of it. Stand up, be a real man (or woman) and show a little respect for basic humanity.

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