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Monday, February 26, 2007


So, I heard that algore won an Oscar last night for his Crockumentary about "Global Warming".

And yes, I'm putting scare quotes around "Global Warming" from now on. Man made global warming is pure horseshit. Come talk to me when they're growing grapes in Greenland, as they were able to do when Eric the Red first landed there. THEN we'll talk. Until then, all "Global Warming" proponents will be laught and pointed at.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. algore and his Oscar. I didn't watch the show last night, and I'm glad that I didn't. They've been nothing but pure partisan politics for years, as highlighted by The Fat Fuck from Flint getting an Oscar for HIS Crockumentary years ago, the various hardware tooled out to movies who's plot sucked, ticket recipts bombed, but they followed the proper political thought. It's all crap. It's a group of idiots masturbating furiously while damn near breaking their arms patting themselves on the back for being so "progressive". One big narcissistic orgy of mindless groupthink by people who haven't had one serious thought in the past forty years.

I don't go out to movies very much. But one thing that has held true for a while is that if a movie wins an Oscar, there's a 99% chance that I'll avoid it like the plague. The one exception in recent years was "Lord of the Rings". Other than that? Feh. The less money I fork over to the babbling throng of brainless fuckwits, the better.

Piss on Hollywood. The city, the business, and most of the people who live there.

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