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Monday, February 12, 2007

Is it just me

Or have all the celebrity award shows turned into acts of mass masturbation and Leftist propaganda?

I mean, I stopped giving a shit about the Grammies when Milli Vanilli won a damn Grammy. Look, I saw those two jokers on MTV back in the day, and they sucked. But the sad part was that it wasn't them! They sucked, and the song that they lip-synced to sucked, and it was just one big massive event of suckitude. Yet they won a Grammy, which was later taken away.

But they shouldn't have won a Grammy to begin with. THEY SUCKED! Or rather, the people who were actually singing SUCKED! Now, the 80's were a wasteland as far as music was concerned, but even in the 80's, Milli Vanilli fell to depths of suckage that most people couldn't attain if they tried.

And they still won a Grammy. I haven't watched a single Grammy show since then.

Now I find out, that even after being self-relegated to the dustbin of history, the Ditsy Twits have won not just one Grammy, but five of the fucking things.

Huh? They're still making music?

Just like the Oscars, the Grammies have fallen to new lows, which certainly isn't going to make me watch them. In fact, in order for me to begin watching any awards shows again, they'll have to return to something resembling sanity for about five years straight. Until then? Nuthin'. I wouldn't watch the Oscars or the Grammies if you paid me. And let's face it - they're nothing more than masturbatory orgies of people wildly patting themselves on the back for being so witty and cool.

Can anyone name off the last five Oscar Winners for Best Movie? Of the top of your head? I couldn't tell you who won it last year. That's how little I care about all these "awards".

Piss on 'em all. Screeching harpies winning awards I don't care about. They can all just piss up a rope together and then die of jerking off too much.

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