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Friday, February 23, 2007


This was forwarded to me by a very reliable source, please forward to those who might like to help the cause.
This year I challenged my American Legion Riders group to pass the hat and collect enough money to purchase one portable DVD player monthly to be shipped to someone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. I am pleased to report that our little band of black leather rogues has already purchased two, and we are well on our way to the third. At our first meeting this month, one of our members brought in a whole box of DVD's that he had and was willing to pass them along. He is a VN vet (Army Special Forces) who knows the impact of receiving something from home.
As previous co-workers, I am putting the bite on you to assist us in this most worthy cause. I have seen the responses from kids in the sandbox expressing their gratitude for giving them a line back to the land of the big PX. Getting a gift from a stranger wishing them well and God Speed is a real pick-me-up to these kids. Seeing a movies, watching a music DVD and hearing the album is a real moral booster to them. We may not all support the war, but we ALL need to support the young men and women serving there.
I costs about $125 each for the DVD player, some DVD's and shipping. Not a lot of money when you consider other things on which you can spend your money. But, I do not need $125 from each of you (though I certainly would accept it); a five, ten or twenty adds up to help us reach our goal. I want to exceed that goal and ship multiple portable DVD players out each month. So our group of about thirty riders needs help to get to that level. As they say in network marketing, get five people who each get five people and soon you have a real organization. So if you have friends or relatives who might like to help, let them know about this also.
We are the American Legion Riders of American Legion Post 40, Chino Valley AZ. We are registered as a 501.C3 non-profit organization. If you work for someone or know someone with a business who might make a large donation, but who needs a receipt for tax purposes, we can accommodate that request.
CHECKS: Make payable to American Legion Riders, Post 40 AZ. On the remarks line show for "Goodies-4-Grunts"
MAIL TO: Murrell Worth, 388 W Butterfield RD, PMB # 42, Chino Valley AZ 86323
“Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations may
she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong.”
Stephen Decatur, US Navy 1779-1820

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