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Friday, February 23, 2007

Cooking the books

Over at du Toit's site, there's a link to Climate Audit that shows SOMEONE has been diddling with data in order to reinforce their pet theory.

The effect of the adjustments since 2000 has been to bring the USHCN history more in line with the CRU version. One wonders exactly what adjustments have been performed by CRU and others and the recent admission by Brohan et al 2006 that original versions of many series have been lost (or never even collated by CRU in the first place) leaving only the adjusted versions at CRU (with the nature of some or all of the adjustments undocumented and unknown) is extremely disquieting.

In good Marxist fashion - when the facts don't jive with your hypothisis, toss the facts out and make shit up!

Global Warming caused by humans is a crock of over-heated, messy shit.

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