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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up

Okay, look, fellas, it’s time to stop playing silly semantic games and come clean. You fear, mistrust, and despise the US military. They make you feel like the sunken-chested, slope-shouldered, gutless commie weinerschnitzels you really are, and you’ve always resented them for that, and you always will. I mean, we’ve all known all along that your puling little “chickenhawk” whimper was nothing more than a classic case of projection, from the real cowards onto those Americans who are made of sterner stuff.

Hell, you dinks are terrified of second-hand smoke, all contact sports, dissenting opinion, and pellet guns; it only stands to reason you’d also be afraid of hulking, rugged, rough-hewn types trained to a finely-honed edge in all the various deadly arts you shudder to even contemplate from the comfort of your dorm room, cubicle, boho hipster hair salon, or internet café. You’ve always thought Patton was a dangerous psycho, Schwarzkopf ate his own young, and Eisenhower was a lot scarier than those jackets made him look. Plus, deep down, the 60’s retreads among you really believe that if it weren’t for soldiers, their blockhead campaign to Give Peace A Chance! would have succeeded in abolishing all war forever by now.

Um.... Yep. Every time I hear a Leftist say "We support the troops" I have to restrain myself from belting them in the mouth. No, you DON'T support the troops, you mewling, cowardly maggot. And your lie just shows that you know how foul you really are.

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