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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hold on to your wallets

Phil is keeping his eye on the Democrats American Communist Party, and true to their roots, they're pushing their agenda and helping out their union buddies. It in effect removes a person's choice as to whether to join a union or not. You don't want to be union? Too damn bad, if there's enough union members at your workplace, you're screwed.

Go read Phil's summary. The sheer gall of the Dimocrats and their union buddies makes me want to puke. Why in g-d's name would I want to give money to a corrupt group of twits who actively work against what's best for this country?

You want to know what I think of unions? They're nothing but a bunch of money grubbing idiots who pad their pockets and who's main goal is funding the Democrat American Communist Party. Can anybody name anything that the unions have done to actually improve the lives of the Regular Joe in the past thirty years? Lord knows I can't, and if I had some smarmy fuckstick telling me that I had to join a union or lose my job, I'd be beating people into a bloody pulp. But in effect, that's what the Democrats American Communist Party wants to do. To tell you, in effect, that you do not have a say as to your union membership. If they can get enough people signed up, you're hosed. And your union dues get funneled into the pockets of the Left. Anyone who tries to deny that the AFL-CIO is a cash cow for the Democrats American Communist Party is either blind or insane.

The sad part is, should this bill pass I know that many Americans will just shrug their shoulders and say "Well, OK, that's the way it is." If people actually gave two hoots about this country, the Democrats American Communist Party would have never been elected in the first place, and most of the Republicans would have been replaced during the primaries.

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