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Monday, December 11, 2006

Linky Love

Courtesy of the Conservative Grapevine.

Micheal Fumento: The Real Ramadi has Stood Up.?

I and the Times writer reported from Ramadi. Ricks and his co-author have not only never been to Ramadi, they wrote their piece from Washington. Well now the WashPost has printed another article on the city, this time an upbeat one. What gives? You guessed it.The second one was reported from Ramadi. Case closed, thank you very much.

Amazing what happens when you forgo using stringers and instead actually report.

Right Wing News: Hollywood's soft spot for stereotypes

Hollywood has been complaining about sinking revenues and a public that's growing less interested in what they have to offer. Of course, there is no one single cause of Hollywood's woes. The blame could certainly be cast on horrible sequels (The Legend of Zorro, anyone?), terrible remakes of old classics (The Manchurian Candidate, The Stepford Wives), and poor judgement (Did anyone besides Oliver Stone think that Alexander, perhaps the greatest conqueror in history, should have been portrayed as an effeminate prattler with mother issues?)

However, may I suggest an alternative theory? Hollywood has become enamored with a number of stereotypical characters that are not only trite, as if that wasn't bad enough, but actually patronizing to the movie-going public.

My favorite is the "Crazy Soldier"

Mudville Gazette: The War in Raw Numbers

A quick test to see if you know what you think you know.

As of 30 September 2006,

1. How many U.S. troops (Army, Navy, USAF, Marines, Coast Guard - Active Duty, Guard and Reserve) have deployed in support of OEF and OIF?

Of that number, what percentage were

2. Guard or Reserve?

3. Army and Marine Corps (Active, Guard, and Reserve) members deployed whose primary specialty is/was "infantry"?

4. Female?

5. Killed in hostile action?

He's got the answers. Go check 'em out.

I think I'll be bookmarking the Grapevine, yes indeedy.

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