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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I want one Dimocrat to prove him wrong

cause it ain't gonna happen.

Democrats' devious deeds are too numerous to be fully recounted, but here at least are some of the highlights:

* They have tried to prevent us from listening on terrorists' phone calls
* They have sought to stop us from properly interrogating captured terrorists
* They have tried to stop us from monitoring terrorists' financial transactions
* They have revealed the existence of secret national security programs
* They have opposed vital components of the Patriot Act
* They have sought to confer unmerited legal rights on terrorists
* They have opposed profiling to identify the terrorists in our midst
* They have impugned and demeaned our military
* They have insinuated that the president is a war criminal
* They have forced the resignation of a committed defense secretary
* They have repeatedly tried to de-legitimize our war effort
* They want to quit the battlefield in the midst of war.

Well, when I call the Dimocrats a bunch of anti-American communists, do you think I'm just using hyperbole?

To see just how bad things really are, ponder this question: If the terrorists were represented by a party in our political system, how would their foreign policy program substantially differ from that of the present-day democrats?

Wait a second here... IF the terrorists were represented by a party in our political system? Just what does he mean, "IF"? The terrorists are represented by a party, and it's the Dimocrats. Because if it hurts Bush and make American look bad, the Dimocrats are A-OK with it.

Go read the whole thing, folks. And contemplate just how truly screwed we are with the American Communist Party taking power in January.

Found at BabyTroll Blog

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