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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I dunno who wrote it.....

....but many moons ago I recall reading an assessment of the Security Fence that Israel was building between themselves and the Palestinian occupied territories. The writers assessment was that as the Palestinians were increasingly unable to kill Jews, they would begin to focus their hatred and wrath in upon themselves, leading to a sort of civil war.

Well, I couldn't really disagree with the writer. The Palestinians are people who would murder their only child if they thought they could kill someone else while doing so. The Palestinian culture is a culture of death. They love death. They celebrate death in ways that I simply can't understand, and they'll run forward to death with open arms if they think they can become a martyr.

But perhaps that writer way back when was right. It just took a little while. Personally, if Hamas and Fatah want to blow themselves up, I say go right on ahead. The less Palestinians there are in the world, the safer the world becomes. And yes, I know that sounds horrible. But what else can you say about a group of people who's only contribution to the world is suicide bombers?

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