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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good Gun News

From Instapundit comes this good news out of Ohio.

A few minutes ago, the Ohio Senate voted 21-12 to override Republican Governor Bob Taft's veto of a bill to reform Ohio's gun laws. The Ohio House had previously voted 71-21 to override the veto of House Bill 347. Because both houses achieved the necessary 3/5 majority, the bill will become law in 90 days.

Today's vote is the first time that the Ohio legislature has overridden any veto since 1986, when a line-item budget veto was overridden. It is the first time since 1977 that a veto of an ordinary bill has been overridden.


Even more significantly, the bill eliminates over 80 anti-gun local ordinances, including bans on cosmetically-incorrect self-loading firearms (so-called "assault weapons") in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati. Like the vast majority of states, Ohio does not have an "assault weapon" ban, but Ohio has had more cities with local bans than has any other non-ban state.

The real pisser? It was a DIMOCRAT controlled state legislature that overturned a REPUBLICAN governor's veto of the bill.

While I'm pleased to see some of the Left regain a measure of sense, I'm pissed that a Republican would even consider vetoing this bill.

Again, more reason to tell the Republicans "Shape up or ship out!" come 2008.

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Sarah said...

I am looking forward for more good Gun news like this.