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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Defeatocrats

Or as I like to call them (as if you didn't notice) the American Communist Party, willing to bring America down by any means necessary.

Democratic leaders are poised to gut America’s missile defense - at the same time North Korea and Iran are testing long-range missiles that can strike the U.S. and its allies, including Israel, Japan and Britain.

The incoming chairman of the Senate’s Armed Services Committee is Carl Levin. Levin, a Michigan Democrat, has long been a foe of missile defense. In 1980s, he worried that President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative — which aimed to develop technology to destroy Soviet missiles during all phases of flight — was “destabilizing.”

Today Sen. Levin sings the same tune in a different key. “They’ve not done the operational testing yet that is convincing,” said Senator Levin during a post-election press conference. He was referring to the Ground based Missile Defense [GMD] system being installed in Alaska and California, to defend against North Korean missiles. He added that he favors stalling purchases of interceptor missiles - vital for missile defense — until after testing is complete.

In short, Sen. Levin and other longtime opponents of missile defense plan to use “testing” - set to an unrealistically high level - to stop missile defense.

Now, these are the same feckless jellyfish who constantly kiss up to dictators and thugs the world around. Their leaders and mentors kiss up to communists every chance they get, and they have a historical track record of destroying our military, either through cutting funding or simply putting our troops in a no-win situation. Now it looks like they're going to kill the very system that could protect us from crazy nutjobs with nukes like Kimmy Dimmy Ding Dong or Iranian theocrat Mahmoud Amahmentaljob.

Gee, great.

Zell Miller had it right: if the Dems get their way, our troops will be armed with nothing more lethal than spitballs. The “stability”-obsessed chickenshits can whine all they like about that “soft on defense” label, but they damned sure got it the old fashioned way: they earned it. And they’re going to keep right on earning it next session of Congress, you betcher. It’s the men that carry the guns for the rest of us that’ll suffer for Democrat obtuseness and negligence, as usual; good thing those folks are all too damned stupid and desperate to know the difference, right, libs?

When every action they take goes against the best intrests of this country, then they can be called anti-American. Plain and simple.

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