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Monday, December 04, 2006

As for the rest of the news

Quite honestly, my blood pressure needed a break. It's not a good thing when you walk into a doctor's office and he asks "GOOD GOD, what have you been DOING to yourself?!?!"

I'm livin' the life, doc!

Gah. Back to surfing around the web looking for Christmas presents.

OK, OK, here's one story that I'll pass along: The Navy has told San Francisco to take a hike.

Damn, it's about time. I say we just build a fifty foot wall around the city and fill it with water. Let it peel off and form it's own little communist city-state. That way, when it completely goes to hell, we can just sit back and laugh, rather than pull it out of the pit that it's been digging for the past five decades.

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