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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ain't got nuthin today

We're on a light schedule today, which means that I'm taking it nice and easy. I've got just a wee bit of shopping left to do, and then I'm done. Plus, I've got a lawn to mow later today.

So unless one of my fellow bloggers manages to pop out of the woodwork and post something, may I suggest hitting the blogroll?

DANEgerus is always good.

Kim du Toit has a few good discussions going on, plus there is always his forum.

Cap'n Jim
is back blogging!

And all the others that are there. Enjoy!

UPDATE: And by the way, check out Drumwaster's Rants, which recently had a member return from DSL meltdown. Drumwaster also has links to a war that America is losing, more bias by the New York Slimes, a question about Ramadan, and all the pithy Fact-Bot blogging you could ask for!

(Drum, I'm nothing if not helpful!)

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