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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How low can they go?

I mean, I already knew that the Dimocrats were some of the most vile, stupid, worthless, traitorous pieces of amphibian shit that managed to crawl out of the cesspool and into public office, but every time I turn around, they manage to sink even lower.

As Mike says,

You’re goddamned motherfucking right I question their patriotism.

At this point I even question their humanity.

UPDATE: A few posts up from the one I linked to is this quote in regards to the Dimocrats which just had to be posted here.

Liberals, with very few exceptions, despise the American military, and they have since Vietnam, and that’s the plain truth.

Their antiwar sentiment is a thinly-veiled manifestation of this old and well-established contempt, and their eagerness to jump all over supposed “torture” allegations is just another less-than-stellar example. They want us to lose in Iraq because they believe we deserve to, and because nothing gives them more pleasure than seeing the big, bad American hegemon and its knuckledragging, mouth-breathing, baby-killing thugs on the receiving end of a solid comeuppance. They cordially loathe this country and everything it stands for, and that mindless antipathy spills over onto those charged with defending it. They believe that those patriotic souls who disagree with their “enlightened” view are morons. Every American victory or success is a painful slap in the face to them.

And a vote for the Democrats is a vote for this mindset. Period. Don’t ever forget it.

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