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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Alger posts a comment from a different blog here that I agree with more than I care to admit.

Kill them all - Sadr, Maliki, Saddam, whoever. Just shut [up] and start shooting. Make them cower, harangue them about their barbarity, install a military governor, give Ramadi the Hama -- not the Fallujah -- treatment. Enough. They have been given every chance, and exploited every chance for their own miserable little gains. They are cruel, venal, incompetent and stupid. The rest of the country will thank us for it, and if they don't too fucking bad. Stop managing the problem and solve it.

Call me too straightforward, but I don't understand why we aren't killing the people who are trying to kill us and detroy Iraq for their own gain.

Perhaps this would be a good time to re-state that we aren't pissed at the Republicans for acting like conservatives. We're pissed off at the Republicans for acting too much like Dimocrats, including the War in Iraq. Yes, we need stability. Yes, we need to raise that country up. But we can't do that by allowing a group of armed thugs to control their very own sectors of Iraq, or Bagdad. And although I doubt very much that we're going to do anything remotely similar to what the commenter quoted above wants to, we need to crack down on the insurgents and rogue militias currently running around in Iraq. Sadr? Screw 'im. I say cap anyone not in uniform who's carrying a gun or RPG around in large groups.

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