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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just so people know

If you don't like harsh words, then cover your ears and skip down a post or two, cause I'm in the mood for yellin'.

All you moose-limbs out there screaming for Pope Benedict to apologize to you and submit to dhimmitude? I got a message for ya:

Fuck you.

Fuck you and your worthless, murderous paedophile prophet. Fuck you and your moon-god worshiping leaders. Fuck you and your terrorist religion. Fuck you and your anti-civilization theology. Fuck you and your ass-backwards way of life. Fuck you. Get bent. Kiss my ass. Lick me where I shit. Better yet, go blow yourselves up, since that seems to be all you're good at doing. Go get your seventy-two raisins, or your seventy-two year old virgin, or whatever the hell your worthless Koran says you get for blowing yourself up.

As far as I'm concerned, we have tried this whole "live and let live" philosophy with the Middle East, and it hasn't really done us too much good. And now these goat-fucking barbarians want the leader of my church to submit to their fucked up cult of bloodshed?

Nope. The gloves come off, you fucking parasites. Can you name one good thing that Islam has brought into this world? I mean, even with all the historical faults that the Roman Catholic church has, and I'm adult enough to admit that we have them, I can at least point to several examples and say "The Catholic Church has brought good into this world". Islam cannot make any such claim.

So here is my response to you splody-dopes. Fuck off and die.

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