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Friday, September 15, 2006

Another good one is gone

Althought unfortunately I can't say I'm too surprised at her death. Cancer is a bitch.

Oriana Fallaci, a veteran Italian journalist and author who challenged world leaders in uncompromising interviews and recently drew criticism for her vehement attacks on Islam, has died at 76, officials said Friday.

Fallaci, who was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago, died overnight in a private clinic in Florence, said Paolo Klun, an official with the RCS publishing group, which published Fallaci's work. Klun said Fallaci, who lived in New York, had come back to her hometown days before as her condition worsened.

I don't know much about Fallaci's politics, but I do know that she recognized the danger that Islam presented, and she was reviled for simply stating her opinion on that danger. And anyone who is absolutely hated for expressing a politically incorrect opinion on Islam can't be all bad.

I've read some of her writing, and I would suggest that anyone who wants to write in a simply powerful style would do well to read her works and see how she wrote.

Rest in peace, Ms. Fallaci.

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