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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Who doesn't love sockpuppets?

It's the ultimate admission that you have no argument, so you have to create an internet identity to show up and nod it's head very quickly while going "Yeah! Yeah!" in order to give your pathetic debate a shred of credibility.

Fortunately for us, no one is truly annonymous on the internet, and we can trace IP addresses back far enough to find out who's who. Granted, you need a bit more experience and knowledge than I have, which is when push comes to shove I find other people to do my tracing. But just because I'm not an internet sleuth doesn't mean it can't be done.

Two comments at this blog were signed with the names of real people who comment here, but were not written by them. Both originated from the IP address used by Connie Mack Berry of the Rachel Hunter campaign, and both contain other information that links back to the campaign site.

The Rachel Hunter campaign has shown itself willing to play fast and loose with the facts. Identity fraud is not clever, Connie. Do it again, and you will be banned from the comments here.

Now I've heard people asking "Does sockpuppetry hurt the Blogosphere?" Well, yes, but it would kill the blogosphere if the Right was doing it as well. As it is, while it might make your average joe somewhat cautious, when the only side doing sockpuppetry is the Left, we still have a way to go to catch up to them in terms of trust lost.

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