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Friday, August 25, 2006

Macaca Bruhaha

There's been a lot of screaming over George Allen's "macaca" statement that he made a while back. While the Donks try to couch their arguments in as wildly varied styles as possible, each one boils down to one core statement that they're trying to make. To paraphrase:


What to they base this argument on? Well, there's the whole "macaca" thing, and there's the fact that a while back, Allen owned a Confederate flag.

Oooooooo-kay. That's all they've got?

The same party of Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, the same party of Al "Jews are Diamond Merchants" Sharpton, the same party as Robert "Grand Kleagle" Byrd, is trying to label George Allen as a racist.

A Republican president made Colin Powel SecState. The Democrats called him an "Uncle Tom".

A Republican president made Condoleza Rice SecState. The Democrats called her a "House Nigger".

A Republican president made Alberto Gonzales, a Hispanic, the AG. Who was Clinton's AG again? Oh, right. Janet Reno, quite possibly the whitest woman on the face of the earth.

The Republicans are running Lt. Gov. Steele in Maryland for a Sentate seat. The Democrats call him an "Oreo" and throw cookies at him.

But because Allen once owned a Confederate flag, he's a racist. Yeah. Why don't you run with that, Dimocrats? Keep it up. See you in November.

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