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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman loses

And the downward spiral of the Democrat party continues.

What is the message here? There are quite a few messages, actually.

The Democrats apparently think that displaying a political opponent in blackface is perfectly OK.

The Democrats think that photoshopping your political opponent into a homosexual who's performing sexual acts on the President is also perfectly OK.

In fact, when it comes to gaining political power, anything goes for the Democrats. Standards? Morals? Decency? Who needs 'em, when you've got a primary to win!

The Democrats are the party of capitulation to terrorists.

The Democrats are the party of the Hard Left, the so-called "fringe" Left. But they're not the Fringe Left, they're in control of the Democrats and yanking that wheel harder to the Left than they have in recent years.

Every time the Democrats have been given a chance on the national level to prove that they can still field a candidate who's somewhat of a moderate, they've failed. In fact, every time the Democrats have been given a chance to prove that they are not the brainless, twiterpated asscannons that we say they are, they fail miserably! The only good thing you can say about the Democrats right now is that they didn't re-elect McKinney, but that's like saying "Well, we have to cut off both of your legs, but if you still had them your feet would be in great shape!" It's nice news, but compared to the damage the Democrats have done to themselves, it's too little, too late.

Whenever I get the chance, I'm going to pound on the Democrats as the party of surrender, the party of running away, the party of capitulation, the party of curling up into a ball and pretending that the world outside of our borders doesn't exist. Because that's what they've proven themselves to be.

Enjoy Lamont, Democrats. Because you're going to choke on him and candidates like him.

By the way, what is the Kos crowd now in politics? 1 for 20 or so?

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