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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nork Missiles launched


Here's what pisses me off in all of this: North Korea is China's dog. Without China, North Korea would not even exist. Hell, without China, North Korea would never have come into creation. Kimmy Dimmy Ding Dong would fall quicker than a ten-dollar whore on payday if China simply said "Knock it off, you moron!"

But China is propping North Korea up, and I'm fairly certain they're encouraging the Norks to launch it's missiles, because it's making us rather uneasy. And in the Chinese government's eyes, that's a good thing. It's warmongering by proxy, and China holds the keys.

So if I were president, here's what I would do: Tell China, in no uncertain terms, that if they refuse to keep their dog on a short leash, we will arm every ally we have within Nork missile range with nuclear warheads. That means South Korea, Japan, and most importantly, Taiwan.

Let China throw it's fit, and tell them to go fuck off. And then start shipping missiles to those three countries, until China clamps a lid on North Korea.

It's time that we started playing hardball with those communist clusterfucks, because they've been playing it for decades while we've tried to be nice. And what did nice get us? North Korea with a nuke. Gee, that worked out well, didn't it? We're not dealing with a rational person, we're dealing with a half-pint commie filled with delusions of grandeur who has been selling weapons to anyone with cash for the past twenty or thirty years. Diplomacy doesn't work on the criminally insane. That's a proven fact. And Kim Jong Il is insane, make no doubt about it. He's nuts. Fucking loco. We need to stop treating him like he's an equal, and remind him that should the balloon go up, we can and will wipe any memory of him off the face of the earth. And let China know that should any hostilities take place, the Chinese would have US Army divisions right on their border within ten days.

If they don't like it, too bad.

But then, I'm not president. More's the pity.

And yes, I'm still typing this from an undisclosed location.

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