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Friday, July 14, 2006

Musings on a gym workout, Part 2

OK guys, this one is for you.

If I had my way, I would remove every last floor to ceiling mirror in existance. You want to work out? Fine, get on those weights and pump some iron. But if you want to slooooooooooooooooowly pull that weight up so that you can admire your flexed biceps in the mirror, get out of the way so that some of us can finish our workout.

I know you like to socialize. I know you like to look at yourself. You show it every day. You probably have a mirror above your bed so that when your tiny little steriod-shriveled dick is being ridden by whatever floozy you convinced to come home with you, you can look up in that mirror and pretend that you're having sex with yourself, because you're just that damn SEXY!

Yeah. Right.

Listen up, meathead: Some of us people have lives. Real lives, with real people involved in them. And we'd like to go about our lives, including our workouts, but we can't, because you're monopolizing the damned curl bench with your narcissism. And while you're trying to impress Little Miss Bubblehead with your hormone-enhanced deltoids, the rest of us are waiting to use the bench you've parked out on!

Find somewhere else for your self-glorification. Let the rest of us work out so that we can get on with our day.

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