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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Still going on Haditha

People are still going on Haditha, some responsibly, and some making hysterical claims without any proof to back them up.

We don't know what happened, folks. The investigation is still ongoing, meaning that people are still fact-finding. And until all the facts come out, people should keep their mouth shut about whether the Marines are guilty or not.

But the hue and cry coming from the Left, especially in the wake of the Jesse MacBeth fiasco, should be instructive as to the mindset of Democrats in this country today.

The very same people who are skeptical when soldiers and Marines describe what has been happening in Iraq are the first people who scream "WAR CRIMES! ATROCITY! MUUUUUUUUUURDEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!" when the first hint of a scandal comes out. They think the absolute worst of our military, and will use any sign of wrong-doing to vindicate their twisted worldview.

The Left so hates the military that they use any lie (see MacBeth, Jesse; Wright, Micah; and Massey, Jimmy) to try and discredit every person in uniform. They hate the military so much that instead of either giving the military the benefit of a doubt, or at least keeping their vile slander to themselves until all the facts come out, they will jump on any unsubstantiated news report and use it to trash our armed forces.

But don't question their patriotism. And don't question their support of the troops.

Yeah, right.

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