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Friday, May 12, 2006

Why do American workers have bad reputations?

At Michelle Malkin's place, yesterday:

As synchonicity would have it, here are two items from today:

About 18 percent of Americans in 2002 said they had a disability, and 12 percent had a severe disability, according to a report released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. Among people with disabilities, more than half of those 21 to 64 years old had a job, more than 4-in-10 of those ages 15 to 64 used a computer at home and a quarter of those age 25 to 64 had a college degree.
Is that a high number?

BREITBART.COM - Census Bureau Report: More Than 50 Million Americans Report Some Level of Disability

And then:

A wheelchair-bound Los Angeles woman, who has repeatedly filed lawsuits over access for the disabled, got up and ran after police arrested her for fraud, authorities said on Thursday.

Laura Lee Medley, 35, had sued in at least four California cities over injuries she claimed she sustained while trying to navigate her wheelchair before she was suspected of fraud.

Medley, who claimed to be paralyzed from a drunk driving accident, was tracked to Las Vegas where police there took her into custody and then, when she complained of medical issues, to a local hospital, Long Beach prosecutor Belinda Mayes said.

'She gets to the hospital and while she's waiting for an examination, she gets up from the chair and runs,' Mayes said. 'Somebody remarked, 'That's where the great miracle occurred.''"

My Way News

Gee, why do so many people have issues with the American workforce?

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